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Keichan and Chiepon came over to see Tonchan, so with Mama, Jenchan, and P, I was the lone Y chromosome.
Chiepon came with armloads of food so we pigged out, and Tonchan slept like a log for hours before eating, then getting a bath.

more tonchan

Jenchan took some photos of Tonchan.


Big turnout for class, plus four people watching class, so we were a bit squeezed for space. Managed to go through some kata and basics, started with the "hands and feet" theme but managed to devolve into "if you wanna fix your feet, try adjusting your hands" because it's all connected.
We ran through shin, yu, and enyo trying to understand how it's all the same basic moves whilst trying to avoid killing each other. 10 on the floor plus four by the door is too many people in the dojo at once!


Mama's in Kyoto, and we had a box of frozen seafood sent from Momo's mom, so we feasted on amaebi and unagi and ikura. Mamechishiki for ya: ikura is a Japanese word that comes from the Russian word for roe.

krispy kreme

How many Krispy Kremes are too many?
Three. Three is too many.
However, if you are going to eat three, make sure to heat them in the microwave for 20 seconds at 700 watts.
And now excuse me will I bounce off the walls for the next 12 hours.

suitengu and sushi

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Went to Ningyocho Station, walked down Ameyokocho shopping street, drank some amazake and bought some tofu products, then bought some sushi at the original inarizushi place. Finally we hit Suitengu Shrine and gave back all the Safe Birth stuff we got when P was pregnant, and got a bunch more stuff, then bought some sukiyaki korokke, came home and pigged outl

tonchan mamechishiki

Mame = bean and chishiki = knowledge. Mamechishiki is "beans o' knowledge", aka useless trivia/facts. So here's some mamechishiki about Tonchan:
  1. She loves the sound of running water. She could be crying and screaming and turning bright red, but hold her next to a running faucet and she goes quiet and mesmerized.
  2. Her favorite place is between the washer and dryer when they're both running; warm, repetitively noisy, and the sound of running water abounds (see #1).
  3. She cannot sleep unless her hands are up near her head.
  4. She's been alive for over five weeks and since she was born her feet have never stopped moving.
  5. Warm bath good.
  6. Warm socks bad (see #4.)