how to ruin a japanese garden

how to ruin a japanese garden, originally uploaded by renfield.

Ah, the architectural and artistic travesty that is Roppongi Hills. We grabbed some fine rotator sushi for lunch and checked out the newly opened Banana Republic (small, overpriced) before questing for icecream. Instead of icecream we found, right in the middle of the pond of the traditional garden, these massive Murakami sculptures...sigh...talking 'biggest strength is biggest weakness'; the great and terrible thing about Japan is the juxtaposition (car crash?) of old and new, modern and traditional. Sometimes it works: modern Danish furniture and traditional home architecture, modern retro kimono prints, shamisen mixed with rock. And other times, it fails miserably. Case in point. Then again, it wouldn't be Roppongi Hills unless it was gaudy, expensive, tasteless, overdone, and basically ineffective.


First things first: googleTalk is La Bomba. Download and use. Right now it's only for folks with a gMail account, but that will change soon. BTW, if you want a gMail account, lemme know. I have tons.

Secondly, jetlag sucks bigtime. Still trying to reel my soul back in from NYC. I figure it's somewhere over Hokkaido, and will be with me shortly.


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Photos from post North Carolina.
Many days of shopping in CT and NYC, hanging out in Gramercy Park with the Guzilla Crew, aristrocratic blasphemy in the University Club, party with Lily, Rolands, and more, the new Moma, plus grandma chowing down on waffles with fruit and extra whipped cream at The Bucaneer!

Kev & Z's Wedding

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Finally put the photos up from the wedding. A good time was had by all!