the girls

P was out at a junior high reunion so mama made meatballs and fussili (twisty pasta) and I invited Todd and the girls over.
Amy (six), Maia (three) and Tonchan (two) had huge buckets of fun tearing around the apartment, playing with the tricycle and the cardboard house, and all of Ton's various other toys.
Finally around 8pm Ton started to get tired and Todd had to take the girls home. I put Ton in the bath, got her into her pajamas (monkeys) and she fell asleep before P came home!
It was easy, thanks to the girls coming over.

scissors + plastic spoon = fun

scissors + plastic spoon = fun
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Ton's been on scissors kick recently. She loves chopping up anything. P bought her a pair of red plastic scissors that can only cut paper, but for the real heavy lifting she goes for the small white nail clipping scissors, which can do serious damage to plastic spoons.


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indigo dying

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Coolest part about the weekend in Gunma was doing some traditional indigo dying by hand!

murakami haruki's jerusalem prize

My absolute favorite author*, Murakami Haruki, has received the Jerusalem Prize for his literature.
Here is the article from The Jerusalem Post.
Now here is the full, unedited text of his acceptance speech as transcribed by a reporter who was present at and recorded the acceptance speech.

Two conclusions:
  1. Murakami Haruki is and forever shall be The Man
  2. The Jerusalem Post has absolutely zero cohones
* Who also happens to be a good friend of My Man Roland

back from gunma

Tonchan spent most of Saturday afternoon playing with Chiepon's nephew Ryoma so P and I relaxed in the onsen.
We took Ton into the rotenburo but it was cold outside and hot in the bath so that didn't last long.
In the evening we had a stupendously huge dinner of unending pork shabu-shabu and a million other courses, the Tonchabeast literally running circles around the room.
On Sunday we checked out the various crafts of Takumi-no-Sato village. Did some traditional indigo-dying and baba decorated a cool ceramic dolphin for Ton which she wore proudly as a necklace.
Heading back Ton was running out of energy and I carried her most of the way. She mainly slept on the shinkansen back and was pretty mellow, not eating much dinner, and she crashed shortly after bathing.
This morning she had a lovely fever so stayed home with P; a bit too much excitement with double grandparents and travel and running about!