stroller debut

Put Tonchan in the Combi (thanks Mona!) and took her down to the dry cleaners. It was a warm and sunny morning, with a bit of wind. She mostly slept.

fun chair

fun chair
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Bouncy Baby Bjorn chair from Papa, and cool socks from Auntie Em and Uncle D!

tonchan arm

I'm only getting to the dojo once a week to teach on Tuesdays, but I'm getting a different kind of workout taking care of Tonchan. Lots of forearm strength training, stance balance, and of course the never-ending trials of patience and finding calm in the storm of stinky diapers and gimme-milk-now! screaming.
Most other stresses in life pale in comparison.


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My dad snorkeling in the waters of Hawaii...or some other old dude in a wetsuit. Can't really tell, honestly.

m & a

M & A came over to play with Tonchan. We goofed off and then had dinner at David's Deli. Thanks for the stroller!