grandma sakayori

Hiroko's mom's mom, Grandma Hisae Sakayori, had a stroke and is in the hospital. Hiroko and I went up to see her today. She was conscious, but could not move her left side, except she could wiggle her left foot a bit. She's eating, but her blood pressure is way too high. 86 years old, and everyone is quite worried.

knocked up

knocked up, originally uploaded by renfield.

Kevin sent Hiroko this lovely tee. Thanks Kev! You can see from her expression how much Hiroko is enjoying it, seeing as how she's got a nice gut going on. Well okay it's not a gut; mine's a gut because it's full of fat, whilst hers is full of baby.

company dinner

Various new folks on the team at dinner, so we rented out Cuisine 219 in Aoyama and had a lovely time of it. Still can't figure out if it was supposed to be French, Italian, or some blend of California Fusion -- menu in French, wines from Cali, lots of pasta...
Nice evening so I just walked home. Took about an hour; pleasant stroll through Aoyama, Nishi Azabu, and Hiroo.

show off

Jenn took her tour group to dinner at Hashimoto's Toyoda and then they came up to the dojo to check out class. Did some kata, kumitachi, and ended with some cutting. I managed not to embarass myself too much and I think they had fun.

henteko daisuke

henteko daisuke, originally uploaded by renfield.

Daisuke seems confused...perhaps he's wondering why his cheeks are so fatty...

kairi and daisuke

kairi and daisuke, originally uploaded by renfield.

Hiroko and I bought Kairi and Daisuke some cool clothes. Hellz yeah.


oden, originally uploaded by renfield.

A wee bit of shopping in Azabujyuban, and hiroko wanted oden. So we got oden.
On the way back we ran into Spike, taking his daughter home from the office.