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Took a big walk around Ginza checking out various whatever, and finally stopped by the 'bucks for a scone before taking the bus home. Tonchan enjoyed the choco-chunk scone. She's eating more and more human food every day!

fat bastard

OK, got my health check results. Now once again, I admit and take full responsibility for the fact that I have been busting my butt at work and spending as much time as I can outside of that with Tonchan, and therefore I have not been in the dojo anywhere near as much as I should. So I am indeed a fat bastard.
But this health check in Japan is killing me, seriously.
I weigh 75 kilos. That 165 pounds for you Americans still in the 18th century. Yes, that is too much, and yes too much of that is the squishy pillow of insulation pushing against my waistband. However according to my handy health check results, my optimal weight is 62.5 kilos. That's 138 pounds. I think the last time I weighed 138 was in elementary school.
Also, my blood pressure was 138/69, which is technically under 139/89 so blood pressure=A
Huh? I am borderline hypertension and I get an A, but I'm 13 kilos -- 29 pounds! -- overweight so that's a C? And what's more, EVERYTHING else is all A's, but that damn C pulls my overall score down to C.
That totally sucks.
Then again, I am a fat bastard. So, perfect timing for 2008 New Year's resolution:
If I lose half kilo a month, by this time next year I will be a lean, mean 69 kilos. I think the last time I was under 70 was the summer after I graduated, before I came to Japan, when I was working construction and subsisting on one burrito a day.
So there it is: lose one half a kilo -- just over one pound -- a month for one year.
Oh and lastly, what the hell does blood type Rh mean?

bald head award

bald head award
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At the work offsite I won the Conehead award!


Finally watched Superbad and it was super good. I'm thinking what Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Breakfast Club were to the 80's, Superbad is to the 00's.
I'm also thinking how I always wanted a wicked set of walkie-talkies when I was a kid, and now every high school kid has a cellphone. How great is that? Techonology IS progress.

BBG: Singapore Hedge Fund Mecca Lures Japanese Dismayed by Regulator

The title says it all. A Bloomberg article explains why hedge funds don't set up shop in the world's second-largest economy. In two words: taxes, regulation.
Let's quote:
"Japanese taxes were four times more and Singapore had a quicker approval process"
"just two weeks to get a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to operate as an investment manager and...started in two months"
"waited for six months to get approval from Japan's Financial Services Agency to manage its own funds"

currying favorite

Had one of those rare double-curry days. Went for the veggie curry with nan for lunch, and then tonight after work we all headed to Kenbokke for a celebratory dinner. Prawns brilliant as always, and of course the sag chicken is loverly, too. The place is so small and the waiter was off so I bussed tables in order to keep the chef busy in the kitchen and keep the food coming.

morning hair

morning hair
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looking good!

long time no cut

Finally made it to cutting practice, first time in forever. Haven't been to the dojo in over 2 months, thanks to our friends at the Ministry of Finance. Today I took my new sword for a test drive; no complaints. I was kinda rusty but the sword cut like a pro. Good profile, decent weight, ok balance (a bit tip heavy but doable.)