azabu jyuban festival

Popped over to Suruga-isho to go over the final details of the custom cabinet they're building for the corner in the dining room before Amy, Todd, Narumi, Kairi, Ericka, Haruka, and Aki came over. Amy and Kairi bounced around the loft a bit before we headed over to the festival to load up on food. Kairi's dad came by and then then we dressed up and headed out again, seeking shaved ice. Thought the festival went until 10pm but it turns out it ends at 8:30, so we missed the shaved ice and ended up buying icecream at the Familymart. Same difference.


Got my final paycheck from Morgan Stanley today. Adding in final pension, substracting housing, etc. and the grand total comes to...just over 60 bucks.
But enough about the past. Worked a good, solid 12 hour day: started with an 8am conference call and put the finishing touches on a final video e-mail just after 8pm. Lotsa work, but it's nice to be getting relevant stuff done.


Hot is one thing. And then there's humid. Hot & humid? That's a killer.
But tonight it was 80% humidity in the dojo. EIGHTY PERCENT.
That's basically underwater. It's not an issue of sweating -- sweating in the shower doesn't make you more wet. It was just...moist. Damp, wet, humid. Totally, thoroughly unpleasant. Humans are land-faring creatures with a tendency to build roofed shelters for a very good reason: wet sucks.

tully's in da house!

I'll admit it: I'm a Starbucks kinda guy. Given the choice, I'll take Starbucks over Tully's or Seattle's Best any day...then again, Tully's is INSIDE Deutsche, one floor below me. Starbucks is all the way down in the basement.
So, my traditional 10am caffeine infusion is now a Tully's soy latte with a flavor shot. Yesterday it was hazlenuts (sweet but not precocious). Today I tried strawberry. Big mistake. Too syrupy-fake-fruity, and goes not well with the tang of soy. Will have to try vanilla tomorrow...

drug-induced dreams

Slept all day. A Nyquil-induced dream-state of high school friends, neighborhood pets, and random conversations. And colors. Lots and lots of colors. Modern medicine at its best! And I'm feeling considerably better, thanks, despite the fact that my feet fail to touch to earth.