gifts from ted

gifts from ted
Alpaca fleece hat, gloves, and muffler. Also, Avon Skin-so-soft (the best bug repellent in the world!)

Ted came by Honbu Dojo and we went to the all-you-can-eat meat fest with Niina-gosoke before cabbing back to the Kuroda residence. Meat is good.

dolph tracker

Once again Uncle Dolph is running the NYC marathon. This man is a machine, I swear. Running this many marathons simply cannot be healthy, but he seems to enjoy it, so more power to him!
You can track him via his runner id: 38042.
I will be cheering him on from the comfort of my bed, stomach full of carbo-loaded pasta in his honor.

go bears!

My alma matter Cal is ranked #2 university in the world! Not bad for a bunch of hippies with minimal state funding.
Also most definitely note that Stanford, even with its buckets and buckets of money, comes in a measely 7th.

present from parentals

present from parentals

namikawa heibei

After work, I went over to Namikawa Heibei to see little Yui-chan and hang out with Ted and Guido. We all went out to dinner at a local restaurant and talked swords and polishing and smack.

maid cafe

Met Smallwood at Akihabara and immediately headed to the Maid Cafe to get some morning coffee served by cutish girls dressed up like anime characters. It being Halloween the costumes were predominantly black. The guy at the next table was classic: mid-30s, glasses, badly dressed, flipping lovingly through a 3-ring binder of anime character trading cards.
We then went on a video card fact-finding mission, grabbing lunch before getting Ivan a new video card and heading back to his house to have dinner and install the card to verify Doom 3's smooth polygon blood-flying.