Showed up to Tony's Pizza Napoletana at 8:30pm on a Wednesday, no reservation. PACKED. People all over the place.
Was told 1.5 hour wait. Looked to be worth it, so wandered the lovely North Beach neighborhood. Finally got a nice outside table at 10pm-ish.
They apparently have like 7 (SEVEN!) different pizza ovens; thin crispy crust, thicker crust, deeper dish, pan, round...we ended up ordering way too much food on purpose just to try a bunch; 3 pies and HUGE bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.
The pizza was amazing; one better than the next. Toppings we delightful, tomato sauce sublime.
But the pasta? Just stop and die, because it was crazy good. THICK spaghetti, hand-made in-house, boiled to al dente perfection, with a sweetish red tomato sauce thick with meat, and three ginormeous meatballs, a bit spicy and tangy and awesome.
Worth the wait.