Self chizzle

I will a some point soon start a proper and official chisel, as administered by the master of Peak Condition Project.
But right now, I have about 6 weeks to my yearly health check, and I have been slipping.
Calorie-laden frapuccinos to beat the heat, late nights and late mornings mean no AM workouts, big lunches, lots of sitting least I have been going to fight club two or three times a week, and utterly sweating liters, but I seem to use that as an excuse to have some ice-cream or another cool and refreshing frap.
So as of July 1, I am back on the program.
I will start with a modified week 2 PCP diet (cutting the carbs seriously because I simply cannot eat that much anymore), and I will get up every morning for a short (likely barefoot) run and some pull-ups before breakfast. I will drink only decaf coffee from Starbucks. I will snack only on my prescribed fruit. And every week I will change to the following week's diet, carb adjusted, until my health check.
And we shall see what happens, but I predict I will drop a couple of the silly kilos I have slapped back on, covering my six-pack criminally a just the point in the summer when it needs to be out and gleaming in all its chiseled glory...or something.


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