lunch @ family restaurant

lunch @ family restaurant
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vacation day 1: failure

First day off of work and Tonchan off of school; the start of a great adventure in father-daughter bonding...failed utterly. Tonchan and P had a bit of a stomach thing last week and now it was my turn. Went out a bit in the morning and then by the time we met P for lunch I was feeling miserable. Took a taxi home and Tonchan passed out. Got home and we both napped for an hour. Tonchan woke up screaming for mama and I could barely crawl into the bedroom and die on the futon, so I had to call P and have her come home early.
Slept all day, all night, and all day again. Feels like the flu -- achy joints, cold and shivery but hot, not hungry at all. Also feels like exactly what I had last year around New Year's. Would prefer this to not be an annual event.
Hopefully will be ok tomorrow and Tonchan and I can go check out the Kids Castle or something fun...assuming she can tolerate being with me all day without mom!