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fighting (un)fitness

Finally got my lazy butt to the dojo for the first time in forever. Taking advantage of the fact that I had some nasty stomach virus a couple weeks ago and lost a ton of weight (down to less than 73 kilos!) I figured it would be easier for my outta shape body.
Oh, the glorious pain. Inoue-sensei was glad to see me and worked me through several 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag, for a solid hour, with one 2 minute water break. Now, the day after, I can barely lift my arms, my ass is sore, I have a blister on the ball of my left foot, and I weighed exactly 72.0 kilos this morning.
So to celebrate I had a HUGE shabu shabu lunch, with a second helping of rice and extra pork to go with the double-plate of beef.
I think this is the new schedule: Tues and Thur skip outta work just after the lunch rush and hit the 1-2pm DAGEKI class. If I also manage to get to Honbu Dojo on Wed nights to teach sword, I might actually get into some reasonable shape by the end of the year.

fire alarm!

fire alarm!
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Came out of the bath, put on my PJs, and heard the most horrendous racket. The fire alarm was sounding! Got P and Tonchan to get dressed and get outside whilst I ran the stairs checking the floors for smoke. Didn't see anything but called the fire department just in case after I called the maintenance company.

Outside we met our new upstairs neighbors who just moved in, literally. This mini firetruck arrived and about 10 firemen checked the building, then the security company dude arrived and turned off the alarm. As suspected it was a false alarm, possibly caused by the new neighbors turning on the heater for the first time in a while, though that seems pretty suspect.

Anyway it's an old building and good to know the fire alarm works!

ebt gang

The Stedt in town with family and the Spike posse leaving for HK soon, so we rallied the old EBT team for pizza and parenting.


three (profane) law of robotics

From the genius Warren Ellis.

librarian to the stars

Most awesomest guy you'll ever mean, and a veritable cornucopia of knowledge. The man, the myth, the legend: David Smith.