gmail 5.0 / lollipop UX FAIL

So I upgraded my Nexus 5 to Lollipop, the latest and greatest version of Android. In general, Google's new Material Design UX is really nice; flat and slick and sensible.
Many of the Google apps have been updated as well. To wit, the Gmail app now supports Exchange and other (non-Google) accounts, making the generic Android "email" app obsolete. All my different email accounts can now live in the one Gmail app.
But here's the start of the problem: I don't want all my email accounts in Gmail. Specifically, my Exchange email account is terrible in Gmail; no email (conversation) threading, no support for tasks and notes, crappy calendar integration.
So I downloaded and tried out nine. And immediately paid for it, because this is the best damn email app for Exchange accounts, full stop.

Now all I wanted to do is remove my Exchange account from Gmail.

So, in Gmail, I go to accounts, tap on my Exchange account, and tap on the menu in the upper right and Select "Manage Accounts":
So far so good. I even get a nice prompt telling me that I'm moving from Gmail to the OS Settings, very nice:

And here I am in Settings, so obviously I tap on "Accounts":
Then I tap on Exchange to reveal my Exchange account. And obviously I tap on the upper right to "Remove" or "Delete" the account...
Hmm, that's strange. No Delete or Remove option.
Maybe I'm confused?
What if I check a different account, say DropBox?
Yup, there's the "Remove Account" right where I expect it.

So, to summarize:
it is possible to delete an account via the upper-right menu...unless it's an Exchange account, in which case YOU CAN NEVER DELETE IT.

Really, Google? Are you even trying?