Mom with a daughter about 2yrs old. My boy comes over to play with the marbles the girl is playing with. Mom is correcting my boy as to how to share and play nice. Meanwhile, daughter screams every time he touches a marble. Girl starts collecting ALL the marbles... In her mom's hand. Mom is still correcting my boy how to share and play fairly. With a giant handful of marbles. My boy just looks at the two of them, drops his one marble, and leaves. He knows a lost cause when he sees one.
Meanwhile, another girl comes over to play with the marbles, daughter will not. Stop. Crying.

I am not going to tell anyone how to raise her daughter... But I think you are doing it wrong?
Your daughter is utterly incapable of sharing. Maybe you should spend less time telling her and every other kid what to do, and just let the kids figure it out?



taiko family

that's why the f train was stopped!

Yeah, I am fairly certain that the above-ground historical MUNI trolleys aren't supposed to collide with passenger vehicles. Ended up taking the 38L up to lower Haight and walking a couple blocks past Homeless Guy Screaming Profanity at Invisible Friends and Drunk Dude Chuckling Madly At People Crossing The Street. Good times.

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