nishijima sensei

This morning I went to see Nishijima-sensei to consult with him about taking the precepts. He decided that my Buddhist name will be Renkoku Mudo = "lotus valley, no path" and he will write my rakusu for me.
I will most likely do the precepts ceremony at the end of our yearly retreat, thus ensuring the salvation of my everlasting soul...or whatever.


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walk this way

Recently (call it the past couple months) I have been walking home from work. Late in the evening the oppressive heat and humidity is slightly more tolerable, and since I get no exercise as of late, it's a good 45 minutes of activity 3-4 times a week.
In order to maximize the geek factor of a simple walk, I had to get myself a pedometer.
I've settled on Omron's HJ-113. I could have gone ubergeek and stepped up to the HJ-710IT but the software is Windows only and besides, not entirely sure how much statistical analysis I can get out of my daily walks home.
At the very least I am shooting for the Walking Holy Grail: 10,000 steps a day. My strategy for achieving includes always using the stairs to go up or down less than two floors at work, skipping the taxi when I can walk, and getting up to talk to people instead of using the phone.

Do my pedometer antics make me pedantic?

more jolly jumper

Indeed, it appears to be better than crack.

yoshida party

Went to Yoshida's place and as always there was tons of good food. Tonchan didn't nap much because she was so excited. After feeding her we went home and she fell asleep as soon as we walked out the door and stayed pretty much dead all night, slept in pretty late this morning too.

akiba photos

Here are the photos from Akiba from a couple weeks ago.