morning bagel princess

morning bagel princess
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big week

It was a most eventful week.
First of all, after three months, I killed my PCP. Crushed it. And now that is has been a week since I finished...I find that I still wake up at 5am, jump rope for 15 minutes, do 30 minutes of punishing exercises to failure, end with 8 Minutes Abs, and cook up a huge breakfast of mainly veggies.
What is different now that PCP is over:
  • Still anal about salt, sugar, mayo, and oil...but a little less so
  • Don't weigh/measure portions; just eyeball "enough"
  • Eat TONS more fruit, like 4 bananas, 3 apples, several kiwi fruit, and 4 figs a day
  • Eat normal food every now and then
  • Don't take a photo of every meal I eat
  • Eat the yolks too when I have eggs
I am definitely feeling a bit lost after such a rigid regimen for 3 months, but luckily Patrick has provided us with some maintenance workout plans, and I am looking forward to starting up another 3 months of fun soon too!
Took a bunch of suit pants to the tailor to get the waist taken in significantly, bought a new pair of khakis, replaced all my undershirts, socks, and underwear, and generally cleaned out my closet. Emptied my no-longer-fit-and-never-wore-them-anyway pants drawer and filled it with my recently acquired collection of work-out shorts and shorts.
Had a couple of celebratory meals, both involving large quantities of meat, as much veggies as possible, and practically no carbs.
Got back into the dojo, hopefully on a regular basis going forwards.
Got a new washing machine, which besides having twice the capacity as our old machine, it also sports the single worst user interface I have ever had the pleasure of attempting to decipher. Seriously, this thing is utterly designed to make washing and drying a load of laundry nearly impossible to comprehend.
And our man the not-so-little Mo The Merciless starting walking.

Next week I have a business boondoggle to Hong Kong, a city I have not visited since it was British, and it should be an interesting post-PCP challenge to make it through friend, work, and hotel meals without gastronomically exploding.

riku walking!

riku walking!
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