3-day weekend!

Off to an onsen in Nagano for this rainy 3-day weekend. Jiji and Baba coming with so that will help with the grommets.
Also we'll see how my new Android phone does...battery maintenance is still a challenge. Lots of settings and customizations in process; having fun geeking out but I REALLY need to upgrade to the 2.x OS (coming in November according to the dude at the Docomo shop.)
We'll see how it goes for 6 months, and then I either go iPhone, upgrade to a new Android machine (supposedly a bunch more coming out early next year in Japan...FINALLY), or go iPod touch + pocket WiFi (not a bad option, actually, given how little I actually make phone calls.)
Also supposedly next year (once we go Outlook) work will support good.com software, which means I can dump the blackberry and just access work email, etc. via my smartphone of choice...dreams of single-device happiness finally coming closer to reality...supposedly...