New scooter, celebratory icecream

New scooter, celebratory icecream
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confessions of a flyjin

Just got back from a two week holiday, aka refugee escape to a non-quaked/flooded/radioactive country.
Bottom-line, I am glad I took my family with me on my little panic-attack knee-jerk country-flee. I must say that the news coverage in the US is shockingly, embarrassingly horrific. I know death and destruction sell more newspapers than boring reality, but can we at least get the facts right?
Tokyo is about 250 kilometers away from Fukushima. Was NYC evacuated when Three Mile Island melted down? OK then.
Also, what is up with saying crap like "Radiation is 10 TIMES more than normal!" So what? What does that mean, if "normal" is 100 times below any amount of remotely dangerous level? The best headline was something like "Japan radiation detected in Alaska!" OMG, wow! Panic time, grab those iodine pills!
Granted, I admit that I fully freaked out two weeks ago Monday, no thanks to all the crap news coverage, and panicked -- legitimate cold-sweat, heart-palpitating, can't think straight panic -- and had to just leave.
Even without the crappy news coverage I probably would have left; other stressors piled up, so net-net getting out of Japan was the right move.
Saw many great friends, ate lots of good food, did a bit of shopping, lots of goofing off with the kids, some cultural museum visits, and frankly was bummed about the crappy California weather. Pouring rain in LA? I mean, SF okay I get it, but in Hollywood? What's up with that?

After two weeks in the US, specifically LA and SF, without a car and with two kids, eating good Mexican food, etc., it is nice to be back in Tokyo, with a massively useful and functioning public transportation system, friendly and courteous service (with no tipping!), and boring Japanese food.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to the Whole Foods at Fairfax and 3rd in Los Angeles. I do believe we hit it just about every night. And I am quite sure that just because something is organic, vegan, ethically raised, etc. does not mean it is inherently healthful. And how is it possible that there are 17 brands of organic peanut butter? Do you really need that much choice?
Even before the "Tohoku Panic super market shortages" in Tokyo, I could only find one brand of organic peanut butter. And it's just fine.
I do however wish I had a better selection of fake cheese and soy yogurt in Japan; being a lactard I do occasionally miss cheesiness.
To that end, P and I loaded up a suitcase with Whole Foods stuff, mostly whole-grain breads and decaf coffee for the freezer.
We shall see how motivated I can get once I go back to work and the weather starts warming up. At least I am committed to start running again, as P is totally kicking ass on her PCP.