all day in the dojo

Got up early (for a Saturday) and headed to Honbu Dojo. We had cutting practice all day. First group started about 10am and went until lunch. Wakadanna came by and we discussed the target-soaking situation, which he rectified by buying two large, wheeled trashbins. Whilst purchasing said bins, he also picked up an electric pump. This is how it should be done! Drop the pump into the bucket, stick the hose in the toilet, plug it in and watch the magic. Also, Nakayama's no-stinky discovery is also a big hit. No idea what's in this wonder liquid, but diluted 100 times in a spray bottle and it immediately kills any and all nasty stinkiness.
After cutting we did a little rearranging in the office; pulled the door off the bathroom, moved the shelves to fit the soak buckets, moved the locker into the hall, realized we couldn't get the soaker bins out past the locker, moved the locker to where the clothes rack is, and then rearranged everything else around again. We just got way, way too much crap in the office.

nap @ shinbashi

nap @ shinbashi, originally uploaded by renfield.


P got her monthly check up -- mom's doing okay, Tonchan is growing as expected. Kickin' around on a regular basis. I am guessing that having one's organs randomly kicked and pushed on from inside is a less-than-pleasant experience, with which mom is dealing as well as can be expected.
Also, we have passed a Milestone: P's waist is now officially bigger than mine. I have lost 3 kilos in the past 3 months and dropped 3 centimeters off the waistband, and she has progressed steadily into pregnant-ness.

tea partay

I think I went high school with these guys.
After work, got some curry with The Eng and headed back to his place to trouble shoot his wireless network. Seems the adsl line and wireless were fine, but for some reason the he was getting a PPP authentication error. Maybe the crappy ISP changed his account or something, who knows.
We then spent a good hour racing his remote-control Ferrari around the well-waxed wood floor, much to the dismay of his cat, LB.

dad & patriotic ladies

dad & patriotic ladies, originally uploaded by renfield.

As a matter of fact, it's genetic. My dad runs. It's a health thing. Recently, he ran the Hope and Possibility Race in Grand Central. Most of the runners had prosthetic limbs or were in a wheelchair or something. My dad's handicap is his twisted sense of humor: note his 'kamikaze' (divine wind) headband.

pork shabu w/ericka

pork shabu w/ericka, originally uploaded by renfield.

Lily's mom is in town for a few days in bid'ness, so we got some pork shabu with her bro Tre and the indefatigable Tony. Cool little place just down the street, and damn fine pig eats.