Siblings and mom

Two boys, about 5 and 7, hanging out waiting for mom. Younger or other starts playing power ranger heroes or something, kicking his older brother. Old bro plays along for a while, but gets bored and tells him to stop. Young bro keeps kicking and punching, older bro just blocking and pushing him away and trying to get away. Younger bro follows him, still attacking. Older bro ends up knocking down younger bro. Just then, mom comes back. Younger bro sees mom, starts crying. Mom asks older bro wha happened. "He kept kicking and punching and he wouldn't leave me alone even though I told him to stop." Younger bro: "He pushed me and knocked me down!" Mom of course takes younger brother's side, tells old bro to apologize and help his younger bro up. Older bro looks pissed, younger bro is gloating. Younger bro gets spoiled, older bro gets no respect, mom gets manipulated. If they were my kids, they would have gotten: "You two figure it out amongst yourselves. I don't want to see you fighting, so I will be over there. When you are done, you can come over." And then I would walk away.