night night!

night night!, originally uploaded by renfield.

After a hard day of opening presents, Mona faded off into her afternoon nap...

happy birthday mona!

happy birthday mona!, originally uploaded by renfield.

Went to the Stedt's for Mona-chan's first birthday. She got loads of stuff, but her favorite was the baby mirror. Of course, being a girl, I couldn't get near her without her crying, so I hid behind the stuffed animals to distract her enough so that she wouldn't cry.


yardwork, originally uploaded by renfield.

The Parentals Kuroda drove down to some much needed yard work at Azabu Third. Dad brought his tools, we walked down to D2 to buy a ladder, and the trimming began. When we finished, I didn't realize just how big the front yard is!

dinner @ lucky

dinner @ lucky, originally uploaded by renfield.


ebt!, originally uploaded by renfield.

ebt, originally uploaded by renfield.

Got together with some of the old EBT/Morgan Stanley gang. The JustZed has finally transferred out from NY, and Norichan is moving TO NY and The Stedt, Spike, and Toddychan continue to brag about their daughters.

I didn't even show up until after 9pm as I now have to work for my money, but the old gang is still in full effect, and by the time we left folks was right and properly drunj.

shibuya back street river

shibuya back street river, originally uploaded by renfield.

Nice weather so I popped over to Shibuya to see Yamazaki-sensei and pick up some order-made tsuba. He lives in the back streets of Awashima, where time stopped 50 years ago.

Kids were fishing for crawdaddies in the river as parents hung out sipping beer and enjoying the blossoms. Bits of Tokyo like this make the city so cool. And then five minutes on the bus and I was in the throngs of Hachiko, packed with Sunday shoppers, high school kids, hawkers and gawkers and general typical Shibuya mayhem.