rain and lame

What's up with the damn spring weather? It was sunny and warm in the winter, and now that it's officially spring it's all cold and rainy and nasty. No fun whatsoever.
The plan was to babysit Amy for the day, but she had a fever and the sniffles, and the weather really sucked, so we bagged it. Hiroko and I checked out the Azabu Regency just up the street: huge 4 bedroom apartment, but it was on the first floor (no natural light) and had only western bathrooms and showers. Hiroko said it reminded her of an old hotel. Well put.
We were in a rainy Saturday funk and I was bummed because I thought we'd never find an apartment, so we went across the street to Doraichi to get some ramen for lunch. They just started serving Tantanmen and it was great; not too spicy or anything.
After lunch we watched Tasogare Seibei. Brilliant flick!

2004 q1 earnings

Earnings out for the first quarter. Not bad at all: $1.226 billion net income ($6.2 billion net revenues), return on equity of 19%.

spell check

Who needs spell check when my parents read my blog religiously and constantly correct my spelling and grammar?

And what the hell is up with this weather? It was COLD yesterday, and kind of Londonish rainy/windy. No fun at all. Gimme my Chaucer-like spring:
Whan that aprill with his shoures soote
The droghte of march hath perced to the roote,
And bathed every veyne in swich licour
Of which vertu engendred is the flour;

more apartments

Poor Shimizu-san, she's shown us a gazillion apartments, and none of them are just right. I keep apologizing to her for being such a difficult apartment-seeker, but she said "I can't give up now! I HAVE to find you a place you like!" So she'll be taking Hiroko and I on Sunday to check out some more places...will it ever end?


Spent all day in an officer's off-site today. Except it wasn't actually off-site; it was in the training room. All day. In the training room. All day.
Video link to Hong Kong.
All day.
Presentations via video link in Hong Kong.
All day.
In the training room.
All day.


Went to the Honbu Dojo to paint. Everything. The walls, the ceiling, the trim...scary part was I was one of the only people there who'd ever painted before, and that's not saying much. The hardest parts about painting:
Painting evenly with a brush.
Painting evenly with a roller.
Painting a wall with a brush and a roller.
Painting trim in a straight line without tape.
Painting trim in a staight line WITH tape.
Needless to say, we got alot of paint all over the place, and mostly (by luck) on the walls and ceiling.
The Honbu Dojo is, by the way, fantastically sweet. Floor area is alot bigger than I thought, and the office is roomy, too. The 5th floor walk-up will be a nice warm-up before practice, too.