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Cool video i found over on BenMiller's site.

laputa aoyama

Had our annual team Bonenkai in Aoyama at the trendy Laputa. Good food, excellent turnout. Unfortunately it was raining so we couldn't use the extensive outdoor area, but then again no one tried to take a drunk swim in the decorative pool either.
Afterwards headed over to Nishiazabu/Roppongi for some random drinking of Korean traditional mountain root beverages; jars of hairy vegetables and unidentifiable bits and bobs floating in progressively browner liquids, poured into shot glasses and giving of the pleasant smell of wood, feet, and traditional Korean mountain roots soaked for years in progressively browner liquids.
By 1am it was time for karaoke, but I and a few weaker souls got some ramen and headed home instead.

with baba

with baba
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Mama came to visit Tonchan today. I also had my how-to-bathe-your-baby lesson. Tonchan basically enjoyed it, though I think she was freaking out a bit not because she doesn't like the water, but because I had no idea what I was doing and almost dropped her into the water a couple times. They gave me helpful hints like "Don't hold her ankles and dip" and "No jamming cotton swabs into her nose."

more tonchan

Various Tonchan photos of the lovely Chikage Kuroda ( ), born December 11, 2006.

tonchan & mom

tonchan & mom, originally uploaded by renfield.


Tonchan!, originally uploaded by renfield.

tonchan update

I am back from the hospital for a few minutes to grab a shower and changes clothes. Here's the scoop so far:
P went into labor about 1am on Saturday. We went to the hospital at about 1am on Sunday. And we've been there ever since.
Looks like we'll be there all day on Monday, too.
The regular contractions weren't cutting it, so they started to induce on Sunday afternoon. P is now dialated about halfway, and they have stop the hormone IV so that she can get some sleep for a fresh day Monday of hormone-induced contractions.
Baby has a heartbeat like a raging bull and kicks like Bruce Lee. Mom has been in labor for over 40 hours and is as good as can be expected. Dad has been awake with mom for 4 days and has no idea what the hell is going on.
That's it for now -- back to the hospital.