halloween costumes

Leia, Kiki, Harry Potter.


Things I love about Killy:
The Rittenhouse Hotel

Things I hate about Killy:
It's a stereotypical city of the USA


Weather was actually fairly reasonable in Chicago. Checked into the loverly Ritz Carlton and then immediately headed out to the dojo for some training. Couple of hours and we hit the local Irish pub for dinner.
By then I had a pile of emails from Tokyo and discovered that we are being inspected by the regulators, so was on the phone all night figuring out if I needed to fly back to Tokyo immediately. Final conclusion was that there's no point in coming back early, so I just stayed on email until 3 am, then got up for a reasonably light day of interviews and evening presentation.
After the presentation we had massive killer steaks at Gibson's before heading home.
Now at the airport taking the early morning flight to Killy.

el lay

Pretty uneventful flight from SF to LA, but when we got to the Four Seasons it was before noon and our rooms weren't ready yet, so we had to change in the spa and head over to the Bev Wilshire for the lunch presentation.
Good turn out, small presentation room, excellent food. I had two huge plates of salad and steamed vegetables, justifying my over-eating with the fact that it was all reasonably healthful foodstuffs.
Interviews went ok and of course the monster presidential suite at Bev Wilshire does not suck, and they even had wireless. Applause.
Skipped the team dinner and got Korean BBQ with Daboo and N3i. Best meat in LA deep in the heart of K-Town. N3i was dying to get the new Guitar Hero so we went to Best Buy, where they turned the roof parking lot into a rock show (rumor was Slash would be making an appearance) but the store wasn't open. So we went to Daboo's office and played Guitar Hero on the giant projection TV.
That game is SO. MUCH. FUN. As soon as Tonchan is old enough to hold a controller, I must get her a PS2 and we will rock out!
Jak was on a train coming back from San Jose so we couldn' hook up. My bad as originally we were gonna hang out on Sunday but then I changed my flight to Chicago to early Sunday. However all is forgiven because he'll be coming to Japan around new year's so we are totally going to have an enjoyable time of it.