eating saturday

Took a walk up through Azabu Jyuban, then up to Roppongi Hills, had random bits and bobs for lunch, then gelato,then came home for a short break. Later Chieponpon came over and we cooked and ate some more.

papa takes good photos

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happy Tonchan * (awesome camera + pro photographer) = great photo

babbi gelato

babbi gelato
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happy birthday k

The K is twelve. OMFG that means in another year he'll be a teenager. Then he'll start driving, and working at the mall, and picking up chicks, and going off to college, and backpacking across India, and getting a job in Raleigh, and marrying an ambulance driver, and have 3 girls, and buying a boat, and coaching little league...

late night again

Welcome dinner for some new folks at work, plus the Big Boss in from New York. Started off at Tanga -- lots of mirrors and candles and rose petals, and damn fine eats -- then wandered to nami in Nishi Azabu, a cool surfer bar.
Finally stumbled home about 2am.

all i never needed to know about copyright...

...I didn't learn from Disneyland.

shibuya sunday

More beautiful weather so we took a walkabout in Shibuya. First stop at the department store so P could stock up on make-up girl stuff. So of course I pulled Tonchan out of the stroller and was surrounded by cute make-up counter ladies who all kept poking Tonchan and remarking on the quality of her skin (guess that's their thing!)
Then we wandered up to Omotesando and looked at Kimono stuff and finally got lunch at Crayon House. All you can eat healthy buffet; the chicken curry was excellent.
After stuffing ourselves silly we went to National Azabu to stock up on supplies for the impending visit of Grandpa, then cruised home for some quality afternoon sittin' around.