new toilet

new toilet
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The old toilet in the master bedroom died. Long live the new toilet! Tonchan certainly likes it, and is always flushing. Here she poses majestically with her new friend, after the evening bath.

iphone in japan

Finally. And with Softbank, which is even better. Gives me an excuse to leave Docomo after 11 years.
However some questions remain, as my current NEC handset has built in wireless IC digital money (I use it for purchases at convenience stores and as my rail pass on all subways, trains, and buses), plays digital broadcast tv, shoots and plays video, music, and flash, and runs various java apps.

However I will give all that up if the iphone allows me to seemlessly switch between WiFi and cell network, so that I can use an unencumbered Safari browser to surf teh internets, using a all-you-can-eat packet plan.
Bonus if jailbreak works, too.


Had a perfectly acceptable pastrami sandwich from Authentic for lunch today. Actually I didn't eat it until about 3pm because I went to the dojo at lunchtime to get me some healthy. So on the day I was net flat, possibly a bit long delta but with some theta that will offset tomorrow I suspect.

you are not welcome

I can think of no better way to ensure that people are even less encouraged to travel to the US than to require them to register online before travelling. And this is for the citizens of the countries that are strong US allies, requiring no visa.
I, for one, am now even less motivated.
Assuming Tonchan really, really likes Hawaii...then we'll just go to Okinawa alot I guess.
Plenty of Japan still left to see!

class of 2008!

class of 2008!
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Hosted this year's graddies for some eats and drinks. The restaurant made us this lovely cake...and then a waiter proceeded to break a wine glass all over it, so the cake was replaced with lots of little puff-pastry balls filled with cream. Anyway the cake says "Congrats on Joining the Company!" and probably would have been delicious if it weren't liberally springled with shards of broken glass.

more yakiniku

Gosoke took us out to some cheap and absolutely killer yakiniku. Nothing finer than grilling meat and talking shop.


Got up EARLY and headed down to Machida to help out with the 32nd Annual Toyamaryu Tournament. Lots of representatives from the US and I was drafted as interpreter for the day.
Afterwards we hit Hataya's shop and then walked down to the station for a celebratory dinner.
Finally got all the gear packed up, got on the train, and checked into the Hotel Kuroda by 1am. Tired like crispy bacon.