ebisu date

Hiroko and I did some shopping for basic supplies at National Azabu, and given that the weather was sunny and not too cold, we decided to head over to Ebisu. We got lunch at Ippudo and walked over to Ebisu Prime Square. They were shooting a TV show or something, so there were camera crews and equipment trucks and gawkers all over the place. We went into B&B Italia to check out the cool, overpriced furniture. They have Jorge's awesome Charles couch. Would never fit in my living room, but damn it's a fine piece of furniture.
We then hit the Atre shopping mall at the station, bought a pot for the bamboo plant in the bathroom, looked at cool luggage and wallets, and relaxed with a 'bucks as the weather turned drizzly.

full workout

Gosoke ran us through all 28 kata tonight. I haven't done them all in forever. I quickly forgot how cold it was in the dojo as we tore through the first 15 in an hour. Next hour we did the last 13, and by the end my back and shoulders were pretty sore. It was good to go through them all, though. I haven't reviewed them in detail for a while.
After practice Gosoke and I went to Ninjin for the standard dinner: sweet & sour pork, chili prawns, gyoza. I was really tired and almost fell asleep on the train, but managed to make it home and plunged straight into the bath.

socratic logic for the boardroom

Complete this logic proof:
1) CEO and Board are responsible for shareholder value.
2) Stock price has been stagnating/declining for years.
3) ?
(Here's a hint.)

dinner with amy

Had dinner in Hiroo with Amy and her Rudick parentals.
Damn but she is one cute little thing. Like most 2 year-olds, though, she does not stop moving. Ever. Well maybe she sleeps really soundly or something, but when she's awake, she's all over the place. Her giggles will melt your heart, but her cries will bring you to tears. There must be some explanation in quantum mechanics or something; how is something so small capable of generating so many decibals at will?


Lee, inspired by his night-on-the-town with Jeremy, brings us this.

spin state

Chirs Moriarty's debut novel is a damn fine piece of sci-fi. Got just enough cyberpunk edge to keep it thumping, but also a strong undercurrent of almost plausible quantum physics, believable characters, and a good plot. I hope she writes more.

shinjuku revenge

Totally overcast and damn cold, but Hiroko and I braved the weather to head to Shinjuku. First we checked out the annual Actus sale. It was (not) surprisingly over-priced designer furniture and homestuff, more for looking at than actually using/sitting in. Porada is the worst. Stunnigly slick curved wood Italian design chairs and tables, absolutely none of which are worthy of use by mere mortals. Chairs bite into the spine, couches are lumpy, too wide, too low, too hard, made of impractical materials and sorrounded by unnecessary heavy and sharp corners or unwieldy curves that limit usefulness to "my that looks stunning!"
We then set out to find the kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi place that we orginally sought with Jen a couple months ago. We knew it was underground, and after stumbling about in Shinjuku's nether regions we finally found it. And it was good. The fish was fresh and big and thick and delicious. Between the two of us we put down 19 plates, and the total was less than ¥7000.