shinjuku revenge

Totally overcast and damn cold, but Hiroko and I braved the weather to head to Shinjuku. First we checked out the annual Actus sale. It was (not) surprisingly over-priced designer furniture and homestuff, more for looking at than actually using/sitting in. Porada is the worst. Stunnigly slick curved wood Italian design chairs and tables, absolutely none of which are worthy of use by mere mortals. Chairs bite into the spine, couches are lumpy, too wide, too low, too hard, made of impractical materials and sorrounded by unnecessary heavy and sharp corners or unwieldy curves that limit usefulness to "my that looks stunning!"
We then set out to find the kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi place that we orginally sought with Jen a couple months ago. We knew it was underground, and after stumbling about in Shinjuku's nether regions we finally found it. And it was good. The fish was fresh and big and thick and delicious. Between the two of us we put down 19 plates, and the total was less than ¥7000.

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