shibuya date

Hiroko and I finally saw Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Liked it (sorry Todd!) And since I'm the only dude who still hasn't read the books, I can't wait to see the third one and find out how it all ends!
After the movie we went to Nishi Azabu for some French food. Harmonie is the quaint little sister to Marche Aux Vins Yamada in Aoyama. Exposed dark wooden ceiling beams, stunning foie gras, and my yearly glass of red wine. A damn fine dine.


Is the 20th of the 20 kata. It means "4 Directions"; you cut opponents in front, behind, left, and right. It should be called "four times harder" -- I can't seem to get my hips into any of the cuts, flail madly whenever I turn, have no power, and am basically slow. Did I mention I'm not very good at this form?

left hip

Working on the left hip at practice last night. Then I went over to Suidobashi, where they were taking photos for the kumitachi (paired forms) manual we're writing. After than Gosoke and a few of us went to dinner, during which Oki-san talked about all the various happenings he's experienced as a subway employee, including: suiciders who keep trying and failing, thighs sliced in half like ham, foreigners speaking a language that is as unidentifiable as it is incomprehensible, peopling getting things caught in train doors including themselves, bags, and umbrellas, and the drunk, unconscious dudes covered in their own vomit in the corner of the last train of the evening.

three hours

Take back your time:


Sometimes, you just gotta eat. Take home Alice Springs Chicken, Short Ribs, and Caeser Salad with Steak, sit in front of tv with Hiroko, etc.

learn to teach

Had a shidoin (instructor) seminar yesterday -- doing is one thing, teaching is a whole 'nother. Lots of fun, as Niina-gosoke went over all the forms and what specific points we should be careful about when teaching different ranks. Also kind of neat to see Gosoke ripping into us all, young and old, high and low ranked...a room full of novices getting our butts whipped!

Afterwards Todd and Narumi came over with Amy -- she doesn't hate me nearly as much as she did before. Now she only screamed whenever I got near her for the first 3 hours. Then I guess she gave up and got used to me. Tried the feed-her-a-banana-and-win-her-love-forever trick, but that failed. We hung out for a bit as Narumi and Masa did girlie make-up things, then we all went to Lucky for dinner. Being with small baby, the gave us a room upstairs, and Amy kinda fell asleep, though everytime the waiter would come up he made a huge, loud show of announcing the dishes and Amy would wake up and cry and then go back to sleep.