workin' late

Went to practice and came straight back to the office. Ordered some pizza from Brendan's Pizzakaya and cranked out some major intranet turnovers. Amazingly, things went fairly smoothly. Incredible how weeks of planning and preparing can help make a project run smoothly and finish on-time.

funky dreams.

Two nights ago I dreamt I was in high school, flying. I woke up face down, right arm stretched out above my head, left arm stretched out to the side. My left clavicle hurt all day.
Last night I dreamt I was in high school (again) taking final exams. Everyone else was taking finals to get into college, but I was taking the written test for the driver's license exam. And when I was handed the test, I also mistakenly was given someone else's test that had already been graded and corrected. I managed to check out the first question, which was multiple choice: A,B,C,L. I thought the answer was either L or A, and looking at the corrected exam, L was marked incorrrectly and A was written next to it.
If flying means a longing desire for something unfulfilled, what the hell does cheating on the driver's license written high school exam mean?!

jack valenti

Is either an idiot (doubtful) or a liar.
Some of the quotes in that are just brilliant:
"We now lose $3.5 billion a year in videocassette analog piracy." -- but don't bother counting the fact that movie studios make more money selling tapes and DVDs than they do on theater showings!
"What is fair use? Fair use is not a law. There's nothing in law. " -- excuse me? Copyright law Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107.
"But you've already got a DVD. It lasts forever. It never wears out. In the digital world, we don't need back-ups, because a digital copy never wears out. It is timeless." -- oh right, I forgot, DVD's last FOREVER. Data NEVER WEARS out. I guess he's never scratched a CD, or had a hard-drive fail...where can I get me one of those infallible discs?
"I think lobbying is really an honest profession...Money, however, is negative--it's corrupting the body politic." -- so he's opposed to the millions of dollars he and the MPAA spends lobbying Congress? So stop paying!

More comments from the interviewer, Derek.


Last night practice was cold. Like snow flurries outside cold. Like "I can't feel my feet!" cold. As always Kanai-san and I were there, and this time Iawata-chan showed up, too, as he finals are over and she's got nothing to do for a couple months but practice and work. All the other slacker students? Most of them use finals as an excuse to skip practice in this freezing weather...shows how much smarter they are than I.


So Ishida-san from Iai thinks she's a hard drinkin' woman, and she's rarely ventured into that bastion of human digression Roppongi. So I rallied the troops and gave them whatfor. Kevin found a cool place for dinner called Saga that looks like an old Japanese brothel. Stevie was on time for once, and shortly after Mallardi showed, Ishida and Hanada and 2 more girls arrived. Pitchers of beer were downed immediately, and before long the mood was festive. We then lost a couple and hooked up with a couple more (including Ollie and girl) at Hobgoblin's newly opened Roppongi pub. The lager and cocktails flowed, and my Redbull kept me alive until about midnight, at which point I begged off to sleep and get ready for Sunday morning practice.
According to Kevin, they ended up at Castillo's, dancing away to the 70s and 80s music and getting rightly hammered. No word from Ishida-san yet, but when Kevin cabbed home about 4am, the girls were still raging and supposedly Ishida-san went straight to work on Sunday.