Homebrew standing desk

Ikea style http://flic.kr/p/edU2NH



ikea fail

So I really want a standing desk. And I really don't want to pay thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars to have a standing desk.
So I scoured teh intertubes for minutes on end, and discovered a really simple plan to Build My Own Standing Desk.
This requires buying a cheap end table and a shelf from Ikea, attaching the shelf to the end table legs, and standing it on my extant desk. And: instant standing desk!
Being the clever bloke that I am, I navigated to the Ikea website, ordered said table and shelf, and $40 dollars later, I received my goods.
Here's the fail part: Ikea sells shelving brackets individually. Not in pairs. A SINGLE shelf bracket is slightly less than useful.

So I have the option of:

  • Paying $4 for a second shelf bracket. Plus $11 in shipping
  • Driving to Ikea across the bay, paying $6 for bridge toll and $8 an hour for a zipcar
...did I mention I don't have a driver's license?
Anyone heading to Ikea anytime soon? Pick me up an Ekby Valter shelf bracket? I'm good for the $4, I swear.