Cut like ass today, and that's all there is too it. Everyone else did really well. I was in my worst form ever. Shoulder hurt, arm hurt, hand bleeding from scraping it on the tsuba. Lots of excuses, but bottom line is I suck and need to practice more.
Came home after practice, chilled and changed, and then had dinner with Will and The Satch, in town for a bit doing pre-marriage things. Gyoza. Mmm....gyoza. So Good. A little meaty drop of joy in a fresh hand-made skin!


Too much right arm. My right shoulder is my definitive "old man" body part. It hurts; a nice deep, stabbing pain in my bones. If I put to much muscle into my cuts, it lights up on fire and I see stars. Good way to remind myself to use my hips more.
So like the moron that I am I worked way too hard tonight; doing lots of one-armed cuts and getting my back, shoulders, and forearms nice and sore. Cutting practice tomorrow, too.


Was chatting with our summer interns and came up with a pretty good example to help explain arbitrage.
Say you're looking to buy a book. On the book's price is USD10. On the book's price is JPY1500, and the used market shows a buyer willing to pay JPY1300 for a used copy.
Assuming an exchange rate of 100JPY/USD, then theoretically you simultaneously buy the book on for ten bucks and sell it used on for thirteen, making a nice three dollar profit. That's arbitrage (with an FX component.)
Of course, nothing is that simple. First of all, if shipping from costs four dollars, then you actually loose a dollar on the transaction.
Or, if the exchange rate moves to 110, then your profit drops to not even two bucks. In fact, if the exchange rate moves to more than 130, your profit is wiped out.
And markets naturally seek to eliminate arbitrage opportunities. So if a whole bunch of folks buy the book on and sell it used in Japan, the used market on gets flooded and the price drops. At our original FX rate of 100, if the price of a used book in Japan drops to JPY1000, the arbitrage opportunity evaporates. (Inversely, with everyone buying the book on, the price could rise up to USD13, and then again the arbitrage opportunity is zeroed.)
Also, as people buy more books on, they need US dollars to pay. Demand for the USD goes up, and a dollar gets more expensive relative to other currencies. Folks holding dollars can sell them for more than they could before, demanding say 130 yen for every dollar instead of our original 100 yen. At 130JPY/USD once again the arbitrage opportunity disappears.


Double-Tongued Word Wrester: "A Growing Dictionary of Old and New Words From the Fringes of English".
I used to live behind the Orange Curtain, where I went to school with many an asiental friend.

ebt get-together

ebt get-together

Chimi's off to Italy soon, so we went to a Japanese tofu place and then met Shlab (in town from HK) at Footnick Pub for some bevvies and silly-talk. Good to get the old gang together. I think I'm the last married person on the team without kids...

kanda festival

muromachi festival
Kanda Festival this weekend around Honbu Dojo. I was practicing and getting ready for next week, with Miyasawa-san up from Osaka. Crazy weather: sunny turns cloudy, earthquake shakes the building, thunder and lightning, rain turns to hail, then sunny again. Not sure if the gods were thrilled or pissed.

yard work

yard work
Hiroko pulled up all the weeds and swept up the leaves and we burnt the pile in our 'front yard.'
Neighbors are used to us smoking the neighborhood with the BBQ grill, so I reckon this was no different, although I'm sure it's pretty rare (and most likely illegal) to burn yard offage in front of your house in Tokyo.