weekly update

This week I spent most of my time at work...sniffling and coughing. Luckily for those around me, my throat hurt so much that by Wednesday I had basically lost my voice. I also managed to leave before 11pm TWO night this week. The other nights I technically left work really, really early in the morning.
The Tonchabeast has been in fine form in the mornings. This morning for breakfast she soup stock powder. In a bowl. Licking it off a spoon. I think she eventually had some udon or something, but anyway there is a fine line between really-cute two-year old and does-she-has-mental-defects? two-year old. I mean, she's not even two yet, so how smart can she really be? Never mind that Chinese kid I saw on youtube who can solve a rubik's cube faster than I can...that don't count.


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I am sick so I deserve this. Besides, it`s good for my sore throat. Really!