Nagoya, a set on Flickr.

Bunch of photos from Nagoya -- hotel, Linear Railroad Museum, Aquarium...

the year is young, i am not

Added on some extra warm padding for the winter these past couple of months. My motivation to wake up early (6am is pitch black and COLD) and exercise is zero.
However as of this week I am getting myself onto a program custom-designed by Adachi-sensei at BodyPlant. He has me working through a serious of upper body, torso, and lower body exercises designed to build strength, balance, and stamina. Basically, do some weight stuff to fatigue a set of muscles, then do something with those tired muscles that requires balance, explosive power, etc.
It is properly tiring and it's great to get back on a program.
Also interspersing that with several lunch sessions of getting beat up. Today I got punched in the face and kicked in the jaw by a former pro boxer who now runs an S&M bar. We are the same height and weight, but he is all muscle, twice as fast and strong as I am, and used to being hit. Luckily he has zero stamina as he hasn't trained in a long time, so if I can survive the first two minutes I can nail him the last minute.
Unluckily he is now training again, and once his stamina is back up, I am screwed.