drunk salarymen

drunk salarymen, originally uploaded by renfield.

On the way to the train station from Honbu Dojo after class, with Urabebe and Mr. Medicine, and we encounter a stumbling drunk group of three salarymen. The worst of the three falls into the flower bushes, taking a bicycle with him. His two friends almost go down with him attempting to stand him back up. Ah, the cute, sweet innocence of public drunj!

karatsu day 2

After another massive breakfast and a lovely bath, we headed out into town. The weather was a bit sketchy, but we checked out the castle and then the various attractions around town, including the massive floats used every year for the festival. Finally we walked down "pottery lane" and checked out the various pottery and historical displays by the local artisans, and bought some cool stuff.
IMG_1782.JPG daruma
Finally walked back to the train station and checked out the local shops, got some lunch at the local pizza place (!), and got the train to the airport for the flight back to Tokyo.