buy! buy! buy!

Oh lord what has the world come to. You can now buy your very own GIVE YOUR MEAT goods!
Shop early for the holidays! Get that special someone that special something with that special message: GIVE YOUR MEAT!

new york, new york!

Off to the city tomorrow and praise the lord we got upgrades to bid'ness. Gonna hit Lee & Charity's wedding in New Jersey and then hang out for a week shopping and watching videos.
Tanaka-sensei came to student's practice last night and we did the first 5 seated forms 10 times each. Damn he's fast, and so effortless. And there is no doubt that his cuts cut.


A weekend of good consumerism and family fun.
On Saturday Haruka and Reichan came over with little Kailey and mom. We made some lunch and Kailey played with all my pens and colored pencils. That little gremlin ate a whole banana in about 5 seconds, then finished off half a french baguette one piece at a time. Small children are tiring.
Sunday Hiroko and I double-dated with Kevin and Z. We met in Harajuku at the infamous Aux Bacchanales and loaded up on french fries and baguette sandwhiches before launching into a shopping spree that bounced us through Uniqlo (cheap winter coats, gotta come back), Bornelund (cool magnet toys), North Face (snowboard gear?), FCUK (sweater on sale 70% off!), Kiddeyland and Oriental Bazaar (stuff for Lee & Charity but I won't say what as they might be reading), and finally Tocca where Hiroko got the killer black dress for Lee & Charity's wedding.
Z then went home to start cooking dinner and Kev and Hiroko and I went to Bic Camera in Shibuya for the day's main event: Hiroko's digital camera. Ended up getting a Canon IXY 320. Very slick little digicam; takes compact flash and even does short video! 2x zoom + digital zoom, easy to use, USB connector, long-lasting battery. To celebrate we went back to Z's and feasted on home-cooked Indian curry while watching FOX (Friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer...I really don't miss American TV that much.)