instant lame

So the moment I get promoted, I immediately become stunnigly, phenomenally lame. I trip on my own hakama. My obi is tied too lose. I get a blister on my finger. I scratch my own arm with my thumbnail.I can't balance, I can't focus. I step with the wrong foot. I hold my breath too much. I lean to the left. My eyes wander.
Then again, as Sanno-sensei says: "Realizing how bad you are is the best way to get better. If you think you're good, you think you're good enough, and you stop getting better. Actually you get worse because you don't even notice your own mistakes." So in a way it's good, but it really sucks to be this lame 2 weeks before the national tournament! Also I found out I'm on the 'B' bus to the tournament. The 'A' bus seems to be all the normal, boring people who will probably sit quietly or sleep the whole way. The 'B' bus has Naganuma-sensei, Tanaka-sensei, Sanno-sensei, and all the other hard-drinking folks who will make the most of their time stuck in a metal box on wheels. I am afraid, very afraid.

two weeks off

Haven't done iai in two weeks, so of course I kill myself over the weekend. First on Saturday morning there was a special seminar run by Niina-gosoke himself, and only nine students. I was great to have one-on-one, and at the end I got promoted to shodan! So now I've got to get ready for 2dan test in February.
Went home and immediately starting making tons of gyoza with Hiroko, as Kevin and Lisa came over.
Sunday morning had iai again, so now my arms are REALLY sore. Sunday afternoon ate some leftover gyoza then walked all over Omotesando, Harajuku, and Shibuya with Hiroko. Looked at some cool clothes and nice furniture, and bought Hiroko a cool leather jacket for her birthday on the 11th.