Had the last cutting session of the year at Honbu. There was a big Mochi-tsuki festival down on the street below, so we all assumed that after we cut we'd got some eats, but alas it was all gone by the time we were done. Most folks cut ok, and I demo'd some basics, but I'm so out of practice, I really need to get back into cutting every week.

work x-mas party

Had our company party at the lovely Hotel New Otani up the street. Check out the photos. For some reason, Emiko managed to get into just about every photo. And she was quite drunk, as many folks were. The food, of course, was top notch. Hats off to the chefs of the hotel; the did a spanking good job on the vittles, from the sushi to the stir-fry, fresh curries, and fantastic fruit and dessert assortments.

patents and pop

Patents are, in general, patently silly. Here's a good idea to fix the system.
And while we're talking, why is it I get all the good toys in Japan?

bad apple (sauce)

Had my traditional breakfast this morning: some bread, some coffee. Also pulled a cup of apple sauce out of the fridge for some much needed fruit.
Went to work and spent the morning in the bathroom, doubled over in pain. Didn't eat much. Came home early, curled up fetal on the couch.
Haven't had white-hot-iron-poker-in-the-abdomen pain in months, and will be happy to never have it again. Must check expiration date on apple sauce...


Yes, but do you really really love eggs?

bid'ness illiteracy

My mom is religious in her pursuit of spelling and grammar errors on my blog (no I don't spell check it. What would mom do then?) But believe me, there is worse. The good news is email does not make you illiterate. The bad news is you can't hide your illiteracy anymore what with all the email you send.

big easy

Jeremy went to The South. He and Burt had a good time.
Southern women + food + beverage = New Orleans.
Burt + old southern women = smile.
Jeremy + 3 Pat O'Brien Hurricanes = old southern women start lookin' real good...


Bought me one of them groovy oil heaters from Electrolux. Has two timers to set the desired temp at one-hour increments. Has casters. Is totally silent. Gets warm slowly, cools down slower still. Very toasty. Speaking of which, finally broke down and bought a toaster, too. Convinced myself for the longest time that I didn't need one. I was wrong.

random french breakers @ akiba

random french breakers @ akiba

calf muscles

A stunningly warm and sunny day. Serious global warming problems when it's the beginning of December yet 24° outside.
Did kenjutsu today for the first time at Shinbukan. Actually, all I did was suburi, practicing one basic cut over and over. Elbow was tweaking, but didn't hurt nearly as badly as my legs. Try this: stand with your feet together, move the right foot way forward and face left, such that your toes and heels are all on one line. Now turn your left knee way, way in until you're facing forward again. And lower your left knee until your left calf and right thigh are parallel to the ground. And don't let either heel touch the ground. Hold that position with practicing basic cuts. For two hours.