Forgot to mention that in SF, the sun was bright and strong, and as a result my smooth-shaven dome was nicely reddened.
Now I have a wonderfully peeling, sun-burnt head and I haven't shaved it in a few days because it's too damn painful.
So next time: a hat!


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Schedule in NYC went something like this:
wake up, breakfast, office, lunch, meetings, dinner, tv.
Managed to have greasy Chinese food, killer Italian, 4 slices of Two Boots Mr. Pink, and a lobster at Black Pearl with Lee and Chaziness. The lobster was aggressive and fought valiantly, but in the end it died in gastronomical peace.
And now I'm in the lounge in JFK waiting to go home!

shovellin' in the park

shovel 2
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Took the girls to the park and waited for Jenn and Peter (and dog Teddy.)
At the park not only did they have the new super-safe squishy floor and lots of cool jungle jim equipment, but they also supplied these most excellent heavy duty earth moving shovels. I quickly mastered the complex manual operations and proceeded to dig so effectively I managed to relocate the entire park 37 meters to the southwest.
After such hard labor we had lunch and then goofed off for a bit. When I came back, the ladies was sliding down the stairs nekkid, so Jorge and I went up the street for some take out Chinese. Ah, the magical joy that is sweet and sour pork!

bye-bye la

Well the 2nd annual West Coast Taikai was a rousing success; managed to start and finish on time. I used my new HC to try a 4-roll yokonarabi as well as a 4-roll futomaki. Almost made both of them and can easily blame the mistakes on not being used to the new sword (truth is closer to I basically don't know what I'm doing.)
After the tournament we headed out for Mexican food and the Japanese posse stuffed themselves on chips and salsa, tacos,and refried beans.
Then back at the hotel we took over the lobby bar and cause trouble into the wee hours.
Now I'm sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to SF.