hana matsuri

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Children's parade celebrating Buddha's birthday. Also: cool hats!

My wife the awesome

My daughter the awesome and my son the awesome got all of their awesome from my wife, the original awesome. She is awesome for myriad reasons: she puts up and even married me, for starters. And she also knows exactly what I need. Today, I came home late at night, wet from the rain and tired from a rough few days of typical wall street office stuff. "There is a little something for you on the desk." she tells me. On the desk I find a small bag from Mitsukoshi. Inside the bag are three bars of genuine Italian nougat, aka The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of. There is only one thing that can compete with dark chocolate, and that is real goddamn nougat. And the only thing better than both nougat and dark chocolate, is my wife the awesome.