wool hats from emy mama

wool hats from emy

bucks with douglas

bucks, originally uploaded by renfield.

Wandered around Tokyo with Douglas (friend of Bailey's, friend of Lee's) checking out the cool design and architecture of the Roppongi Hills, the Prada and Tod's buildings, etc.

Aala Wi Jamaican Jerk Pork

Aala Wi Jamaican Jerk Chicken, originally uploaded by renfield.

In Ebisu, damn fine Jamaican jerk pork and chicken, with banana chips, rice and beans. Damn. Fine. Eats.


ex·cep·tion·al adj.
  1. Being an exception; uncommon.
  2. Well above average; extraordinary
me: I need you to do X.
him: Standard policy is that we do not do X. We do A,B, and C.
me: Understood. But this is a special situation; high priority, rarely happens but when it does we really, really need X.
him: I understand that as well. But we have policies for a reason. We can't just go responding to every random request, can we? We'd never get anything done, stability would decrease, and we would be at serious risk.
me: Yes, of course, you should not just do any random request. But this is an exception. It is an extraordinary situation, of utmost importance.
him: Sorry, can't do it.
I think it is fair to say that he is, with no exaggeration, totally and completely unexceptional.


OK, we're well into March and it is DUMPING snow. We have more snow now then we did at the end of December.
Uh, spring anyone? Maybe? Somewhere?
The photo above is my front yard (on the left) and walkway up to my front door (on the right.) No, the walkway isn't whited out from a flash or bright sunlight; it's cover in 2 centimeters of snow.

this place sucks

Superfriends animation + Office Space soundtrack = T.P.S. mashup: Absolutely. Brilliant.

my new sword

sword unsheathed, originally uploaded by renfield.

Been waiting since summer 2004, and it has finally arrived; my new sword.
2.3.5 (72.2 cm), 2 mekugi-ana, 1.8 cm sori, forged the first day of October, 16th year of Heisei by Takaba Hiroshi (signed Nyoshu Hiromune) in Gifu Prefecture.


I couldn't get to my grandpa's funeral, but my dad read my blog about grandpa at the memorial service. Eulogy-by-blog. That's really cool, because it's almost like I was there.

babies everywhere

spike with daughter, originally uploaded by renfield.

nishizoe2, originally uploaded by renfield.

The Nishizoes had a daughter, as yet unnamed!

hae-won's baby, originally uploaded by renfield.

And Hae-won had a baby, too!