Conan brought his dad Ivan and mom Mutsumi over for a BBQ. Went to UC Berkeley with Ivan, and he was in Kyushu with Stevie back in the day. So Amy brought Narumi and I and Don met Todd in Akihabara, checked out some toys, and then cruised home.
The men attempted and failed to light the BBQ. We went out for bbq fire starter and came back with Zippo lighter fuild and a case of beer. By then of course Hiroko already had a bunch of coals on the kitchen stove ready to go, so we threw them into the grill and that was that.
Ribs went first, then chicken, pork, steaks, salmon, shrimp...not to mention salad and potatoes and a huge apple pie with icecream for dessert.
Stevie and Eriko showed up just in time to eat, and we sat around bloated and in pain as Amy and Conan bounced around the floor.

stop the cycle of madness

So now Daboo is blogging and my blogging about his blogging of flickring about my blogging about flickring about blogging flickring blogging flickring blogging flickring when flickring blogging does flickring blogging it flickring blogging end flickring blogging flickring.

use debate to go fishin'

The upcoming presidential debates are anything but.
I remember debating in school. It was a structured exchange of ideas between participants in an attempt to woo one's opponent and the audience to accept your point of view. It was give-and-take, pointed, at times heated, and fun.
These presidential debates will be totally pointless for two reasons:
1) Absolutely nothing new will be spoken.
2) The candidates will not actually debate each other. They'll just respond in series to some softball questions.
Ah, American politics gets worse by the minute. SO glad I live in Japan, where politics is also lame but, thankfully, largely impotent and therefore irrelevant (in that it is rarely responsible for the deaths of thousands, for example.)

post-typhoon sky

post-typhoon sky

tessen & jutte

Some of the new guys have been coming to late Wednesday practice for a couple weeks, so I've been running them through the basics of tessen (metal fan) and jutte (sword catcher). Fun stuff, but really hard to get out of the way when someone's trying to kill you with a sword and all you have is a short piece of steel or two.

daboo flickr

Daboo reads my blog. He gets flickr. I read his blog about reading my blog. I blog his reading about my blog on his blog, on my blog...?

freaky mobile sculptures

They're alive! Do NOT miss the videos. These are some wild, wind-powered art.

george soros

Is pissed at Bush.



suzuki dental

Headed over to Hanzomon so that Dr. Suzuki could do some quickie tooth repair. Seems the receding gumline of a couple of my upper left teeth were leaving some sensitive toothness exposed. A quick coating of some magical protective goo and all is right with the world. The real test: I'll try drinking an icy-cool beverage and see if those teeth still give me The Twinge.


Custom furniture, how do I love thee? Suruga-isho delivered and install The Unit.
It is stunning.