yudonoan 1

Brand-spanking new Terminal Two of Haneda Airport is just lovely. And how I do love riding that monorail. Got in quite early so had some time to wander about before getting on a short flight to Shonai Aiport. Bought some bento for munching on the flight and we were on the ground in Yamagata before we knew it.
Hopped on the bus to the station, then a local bus to the main Hot Springs strip, and checked in to Yudonoan. Very slick "modern Japanese" style hotel/ryokan. Small and cozy, and tons of fun.
Wandered about the small town checking out the local shrines before hitting the baths, eating way too much, and sleeping like a lazy bum.
Here are some photos.


Jeremy's in town this week, but since Hiroko and I are going to an onsen this weekend, we had dinner with him tonight: gyoza. 'Nuff said.
I left work early to meet my accountant before going to dinner. My accountant is totally cool. I've actually never met her, but I've been sending her my tax stuff and she's been doing them from her home in Kentucky for years. She's in Tokyo this week meeting her clients like me.
I learned today: do what my accountant tells me. When she says I should pay my estimated taxes, and she fills out the forms and envelope for me, and sends me a reminder...I should do what she says. That's why I pay her.

one hour

Crazy at work, and Gosoke's left to run the seminar in the US, so I managed to get to the dojo and practiced on my own for an hour before hunger took over and I had to get down to Ninjin and have some sweet & sour pork and chili prawns.


Work was mad. I mean MAD. All kindsa stuff getting tossed around, and with just enough people out on vacation, and me being new and trying to pick up the slack, it was a mess, and I was a mess.
Finally got out about 7:30 and got to the dojo an hour late. Everyone was practicing on their own, so I jumped onto the floor and ran through the last hour: centerline work, distance, alignment. After class we was hungry, so I took Presley to Ninjin for some sweet & sour pork, chili prawns, etc. A fine feast, and a good laugh as we trash-talked our way through the night.
On the train ride home I bumped into Ed. He was doing his thing as only Ed does. Hopefully he'll come by in a couple weeks and kick it up a notch. Gotta love Ed; he adds value.

gimme drugs

Hayfever is upon us. Well, me actually. And I need medication. Went to the clinic in Ark Hills down the street, because it's closer than the clinic in Ebisu that I'd been going to when I worked in Ebisu.
Same story: hello doctor, gimme Alergion, the little white miracle drug. Hooked me up with a month's worth, and took some blood, too just to re-check all my allergies.
And now I am a happy hay-fever boy, floating a couple of millimeters off the ground in a loopy drug haze. OK not really, but you get the idea.