Work was mad. I mean MAD. All kindsa stuff getting tossed around, and with just enough people out on vacation, and me being new and trying to pick up the slack, it was a mess, and I was a mess.
Finally got out about 7:30 and got to the dojo an hour late. Everyone was practicing on their own, so I jumped onto the floor and ran through the last hour: centerline work, distance, alignment. After class we was hungry, so I took Presley to Ninjin for some sweet & sour pork, chili prawns, etc. A fine feast, and a good laugh as we trash-talked our way through the night.
On the train ride home I bumped into Ed. He was doing his thing as only Ed does. Hopefully he'll come by in a couple weeks and kick it up a notch. Gotta love Ed; he adds value.

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