funky dreams.

Two nights ago I dreamt I was in high school, flying. I woke up face down, right arm stretched out above my head, left arm stretched out to the side. My left clavicle hurt all day.
Last night I dreamt I was in high school (again) taking final exams. Everyone else was taking finals to get into college, but I was taking the written test for the driver's license exam. And when I was handed the test, I also mistakenly was given someone else's test that had already been graded and corrected. I managed to check out the first question, which was multiple choice: A,B,C,L. I thought the answer was either L or A, and looking at the corrected exam, L was marked incorrrectly and A was written next to it.
If flying means a longing desire for something unfulfilled, what the hell does cheating on the driver's license written high school exam mean?!

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