danger:do not upset kiev girls

danger:do not upset kiev girls, originally uploaded by renfield.

See the pained expression on my face? I was physically and psychologically violated by a woman from Kiev in a Sketchy Place on a side street in the bowels that are Roppongi.
There are two possible reaons why she abused me in Russian and slobbered a big glitterly lipstick stain on the collar of my favorite blue shirt:
1) She really, really liked me and took offense when she discoverd that I was married and the feeling was not mutual.
2) She was upset that she wouldn't be making a few last extra yen before 4am closing because I turned down her offer to show me her various body piercings in the privacy of the back room.

Moral of the story: if you must go to a Sketchy Place, bring someone who speaks Russian. Or even better skip the Sketchy Place and go straight for the late-night/early morning ramen. Even if the waitress abuses me, at least I get to eat.

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