scary dream

I was curled up on the bed fetal, wrapped in a comforter, watching the tv at the foot of the bed. Kaoru (IT admin/ops) was sitting in the comfy chair to the right of the bed watching tv, too. Then this REALLY scary dude's face came on the tv. Next thing ya know we're standing there talking to the landlady (Kaoru was renting the house I guess) who's in the doorway to the room, and them from above her left shoulder the scary dude's face just appears. Kaoru and I look at each other and just BOLT. How we got out of the room I dunno, because the landlady/scary dude was in the doorway, but next thing ya know we're jamming out of the house across the front lawn, and the scary dude is like floating through the front door, across the porch, and through the porch screen door.
Scary dude: tall, shortish blonde hair, smooth white skin, large eyes, body in shadows, face lit from below.
Woke up seriously freaked. It was about 4am and my throat was really dry so I got some water and then went back to sleep.

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