new cutter

Monthly cutting practice today. Finally go to try out my new cutter. Niina-gosoke took one look at it and commented: "sushi knife." As in, it's wide and thin and made to cut. And DAMN does it cut. Problem is cutting from the draw. The thing is so wide (mihaba: width from edge to back) that it's a pain to draw as it gets caught up. I need to take it in to a polisher and get a millimeter or so trimmed of the top third, then it will be just right.
Miyazawa-kun was hung over from last night, so he was in bad form and stopped after a couple of rolls. Urabe-san has a great sword, but he needs to work on his angles and targeting. Ishiguro-san was cutting for the first time with an old sword that's been in his house for a few generations. It cut well, and he cut well.
Just goes to show you, a great cutting sword doesn't do any good if you can't wield it, and decent form will more than make up for a bad sword.
After cutting we cleaned the dojo top-to-bottom. Did the windows and mirrors, vacuumed and mopped the floor, cleaned the office, and I did the nasty-nasty bathroom.
When we were done Gosoke was really psyched, and I decided that we'll do a proper cleaning every month after cutting, since we have to clean anyway.

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