der weekend

Went over to Hataya-sensei's shop to do some sword dealings. The two cutters we use at Honbu are at the end of their lifespan, and it wasn't worth spending money to get them fixed. Out of the bigness of his heart he bought them off of me and gave me a good discount on a new blade, so now we have a lovely new cutter for the dojo folks who don't own their own.
I sent my beastly cutter off to Ted as well so that he can shave down some of the meatiness and make it a bit easier to draw.

On Sunday saw Sideways with Hiroko. Much better on a large-screen, unedited, than when I saw it on a plane a few months ago. Losers are still losers, but it had it's quality comedy moments.
I still don't get wine, though.

Had some packages arrive, too, including our ass stool and umbrella stand for the entrance. Life is all about collecting stuff.

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