ah, kyoto

Home safe and got all the photos uploaded. On Flickr I've got them all organized into sets:
Kyoto: various -- leftovers from about Kyoto
Kyoto: Okutan -- tofu feast
Kyoto: Kiyomizudera -- up in the mountains
Kyoto: Maiko -- the higlight; such a cutie
Kyoto: Kodaiji -- brilliant garden
Kyoto: Hyotei -- posh dinner in private teahouse
Kyoto: Nijojo -- tourist-trap castle
Kyoto: Hata-machiya -- a real old-fashioned house
Kyoto: Anjiro -- pious zen priest tofu feast
Kyoto: Myoanji -- be one with the rocks
Kyoto: Taizoin -- best garden ever
Kyoto: Ginkakuji -- not silver, but old and cool
Kyoto: Ryoanji -- be one with the rocks...and tourists
Kyoto: Nanzenji -- big, old, kyoto
Kyoto: Kinkakuji -- yup, it's damn gold
Kyoto: Tawaraya -- there's only one place to stay in Kyoto

I've also dumped them all into one big album on Ofoto.

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